Private Edition 2022

FAMILY These resorts are family orientated and cater for each family member, both young and old. Here you’ll findmany on-site activities to enjoy. BIRDING Birdwatching is one of themost popular hobbies in our country and this iconwill guide all avid birdwatchers to the destinations best suited to catch a glimpse of our feathered friends. BEACH Sometimes all you need on your holiday is the sound of waves crashing and sand between your toes. This icon highlights all the resorts that are on or withinwalking distance fromthe beach. ACTION If you like to get your blood pumpingwith activities such as mountain biking, abseiling, horse riding, quad biking or water sports, these resorts are perfect for you. FISHING Whether you like rock fishing, shore fishing, bass or trout fishingwe have a resort to cater for your needs. The fishing iconwill highlight all resorts where there are fishing opportunities, either on-site or near the resort. GAME Wildlife is our country’s pride and joy and it’s an experience second to none to see the animals in their natural environment. Some of our resorts have game roaming the grounds or you’ll be able to go for a game drive or guidedwalks at a game park nearby. GOLFING Looking to perfect your swingwhile on holiday? This iconwill help you pick the resort where you can spend time on the green. HIKING Hiking is a great way to bondwith your familywhilst exploring the area and burning some calories. Take in the fresh air and get to know the area a little better. ROMANCE Looking to treat your partner to a romantic getaway? Then be sure to look out for this icon. Whether you are planning an elaborate engagement, or just want to spend time on your ownwith your loved one, these resorts will offer you the ideal setting. UNWIND Ultimately holidays are a time for rest and relaxation. These resorts will offer you the tranquil reprieve you’ve been craving and some resorts offer on-site spas. Head over to one of these resorts for some TLC. On each Resort Directory listing you will find icons which indicate what that particular destination is ideal for. This will guide you in choosing the perfect resort for your holiday needs. You’ll be able to enjoy these activities either at the resort or within a 10km radius. Refer to the Resort Facilities for specific details. RESORT ICONS UNDERSTANDING THE CAMPING When you feel likemaking your bed under the stars, head off on a camping or caravanning holiday. This icon indicates resorts that have camping sites available. RESORT DIRECTORY | Understanding the Resort Icons 92