Beekman Cares

The Beekman Group is committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate player in Leisure Industry in Southern Africa. The Beekman Group’s strategy for community investment is therefore designed to advance the relationships between our resorts, our developments and our other subsidiaries with the communities in which they operate and to be seen as an added platform to communicate our brand values and vision to our stakeholders.

This is not just good for our reputation – which is built on what we do as part of the communities in which we live and work – but it is also the right thing to do.

The Beekman Group also realises the value of involving employees in the various CSI and Go Green initiatives of The Group, and we constantly strive to execute programmes that encourage and involve employee participation whilst also accomplishing the Groups corporate intentions.

Our Corporate Social Investment

The Beekman Group believes that the future prosperity of our country and our company hinges on the positive transformation and upliftment of our communities and environment. To this end, our corporate social investment spending is on worthy social causes through sustainable projects that make a real difference. Our key focus areas are social development, education, health, job creation and public service. The Group primarily supports registered charities with our key focus being on project sustainability and empowering the local community.

We have extended a helping hand to the following organisations:

  • Association for the Physically Handicapped
  • Child Welfare – Margate & Port Shepstone
  • Cornerstone Learning Centre
  • Genesis Youth Centre
  • Hospice
  • National Sea Rescue Institute – Shelly Beach
  • Round Table
  • Santa Shoe Box
  • Siyakwazi
  • SPCA
  • The Flower Foundation
  • Themba Club
  • Wonderland Special Needs School

Our Go Green Initiative

At the Beekman Group, we choose to manage the “triple bottom line”. This means that we focus, not only on the financial risks but also on the social and environmental risks that our business impacts. Our Go Green initiative has always driven sustainable projects to ensure that our planet does not suffer and will stay resilient for future generations.

Our Building is Green

More than 10 years ago, the Group started a quest to become greener and recycling bins were introduced at head office. Since then we have put many resource and environmentally sound practices in place, such as conserving electricity and collaborating with local vendors and suppliers, so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. The plan is to maintain our success by keeping in place the 3R’s campaign: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Our Resorts are Green

We began the roll out of sustainability practices at our resorts in 2012 and since then have kept our promise to promoting a healthier environment. As our resorts are refurbished, we try to lessen our carbon footprint by installing environmentally sound systems such as grey water recycling, solar geysers, heat pumps, gas stoves and more.

Our next big Green project is to install a solar farm at Dikhololo with the goal of providing most, if not all of the resort’s energy needs. Once we roll this out successfully at our pilot property, we will implement across all our resorts.