Employee Benefits

The Beekman Group adheres to practising South Africa’s Labour law aspects such as leave, accidents on duty and unemployment benefits. The Group offers additional benefits with the aim to improve the staff wellness and morale throughout the year.

Benefits of working at The Beekman Group

Working Environment

  • Convenient location
  • Pleasant & comfortable working environment
  • Safe & secure parking & building
  • Canteen, with a selection of affordable, healthy meals, TVs and foosball
  • Green Roof Garden, with seating
  • Smoking Room
  • Go Green Facilities – access to recycling stations & our worm farm fertiliser.
  • Affordable work wear options ensuring a sense of belonging and professional appearance
  • Hot beverages served daily
  • Staff Gift Fund
  • 2.5hrs leave on your Birthday

Financial Benefits

  • Competitive salaries
  • Approved Group Benefits Schemes: Provident Fund, Medical Aid
  • Annual Increases **
  • Annual Bonuses or Commission Structures **
  • Paid maternity leave based on service
  • Holidays at various Holiday Club resorts
  • Personal phone call allowance
  • Sponsored/subsidised participation at Corporate Social Investment events
  • Discounted car hire, access to Hotel Express & Lifestyle Centre benefits

** Performance Based Financial Benefits

Legislative Benefits

Basic Conditions of Employment Act, such as:

  • Maternity periods
  • Leave (annual, sick & family responsibility)
  • Working hours, including breaks

Other legislative acts that the Company adheres to are:

  • COIDA – Workman’s Compensation
  • UIF – Unemployment

Recognition and Rewards

  • Quarterly and Annual functions
  • Departmental initiatives for team building
  • Recognition for Length of Service
  • Department and Special Recognition Awards

Health Related Benefits

  • Access to on-site exercise classes
  • Discovery Wellness days with testing for cholesterol, glucose, etc.
  • Vitamin B injections, twice per annum
  • Air purifiers & filtered water throughout the building
  • In house beauty salon (by appointment only) and monthly walk around masseuse offering 5 minute neck and shoulder massage

Educational Benefits

  • Access to credit-bearing qualifications, courses and seminars & in-house training & development
  • Succession Planning
  • Study leave
  • Financial Assistance for approved job related training
  • Training library