Resort Management

The Beekman Group offers comprehensive resort management services to take care of every aspect of the properties we partner with. This includes financial management from budgeting and controlling costs to accounting and handling debtors. We also handle stock control and purchasing, ensuring our resort partners and body corporates have everything they need to run smoothly.

For their guests, we provide guest management services and facilitate the reservation process. Additionally, we oversee all aspects of property maintenance, repairs, refurbishments, and improvements. The Beekman Group can also support the sales of units or shares in the resorts we work with, manage human resources and employee relations, and even provide full IT support. To maximise their revenue, we offer operational control of on-site shops, bars, restaurants, and day spas, and use inventory yield management tools to optimize distribution across multiple platforms.

Daily Resort Operations

The Beekman Group offers a comprehensive suite of daily resort operations services to ensure our properties run smoothly. This includes overall management of the resort, overseeing tasks like guest relations and adherence to brand standards. Additionally, they handle maintenance of the facilities and grounds, keeping everything in top condition. Housekeeping and cleaning services are provided to maintain a fresh and inviting atmosphere for guests. They also take care of staff management, ensuring all employees are properly trained and equipped to deliver exceptional service.

Stock Control and Purchasing

Beekman Group proudly offers an efficient stock control and purchasing system designed for rental resorts, hotels, and unit owners. Our vmsAssets software is purpose-built and managed from our head office.

Guest Management Services

We provide entertainment programmes, complete with expert facilitation to ensure a seamless experience. Our bespoke PMS system is a guest feedback tool designed to enhance Guest Management Operations.

Human Resources and IR Administration

We prioritise the success of our resorts by consistently providing support in a wide spectrum of Human Resources and Industrial Relations functions from the hiring and training of staff to the provision of medical aid and Provident Fund options and the management thereof.

Administrative Support for Resorts

In addition to services that enhance the direct management of our partner resorts, Beekman Group provides a range of back office administrative support functions as well, such as accounting services, debtors control, IT support, and member and marketing services.

Accounting Services

Beekman Group will provide management accounts for partner resorts, which includes the balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow and variance reports.

Debtors Control

Our Collections department will collect any outstanding payments from unit owners and rental only resorts, including managing all account-related queries.

I.T. Support

Our skilled technicians provide support with the procurement, installation, maintenance and support of computer hardware, bespoke software solutions, WiFi connectivity, phone systems, and IT redundancy measures.

Member Services

This department is the first point of contact for owners and rental guests who may have general enquiries.

Marketing Services

The Beekman Group’s proven marketing expertise add value to every brand partnership. We leverage our brand-building proficiency to create co-branding opportunities and resort collateral that enhance brand awareness and drive rental leads. We also develop strategic marketing campaigns and tap into our influencer networks to achieve maximum impact.

Benefits for your Resorts’ Unit Owners

We also offer a range of comprehensive services to individual Unit Owners. By contracting the Beekman Group to undertake the management of a resort unit, owners will automatically become members and can avail themselves to a range of value-added benefits that only Beekman Group can provide.

Reservations Administration

Beekman Group offers a comprehensive reservations service, starting from system information relative to the resort, right through to confirming the reservations for owners or their guests.

Owner or Guest Confirmation

Beekman Group provides a Central Reservations Department, which includes dedicated Reservation Consultants, on the phones at all times to provide unit owners with the bookings they require.


Owners and Rental guests receive communication via Newsletters in their email inbox and also regular updates via social media.

System Application Benefits

Our advanced software system, Vacation Compass, is a fully integrated software system that addresses all management aspects within the leisure industry and is able to handle multiple reservation types including normal reservations, spacebanking pools, exchange pools.

iExchange Benefits

We provide owners with membership to iExchange, offering more than 130 resorts in Southern Africa and 4,000 international exchange options.

Rental Incomes and Returns

Owners can earn rental income through a managed rental pool with a proven track record of rental returns.