Vacation Ownership

The Holiday Club

The Holiday Club was launched in 1993 and has since grown to become the largest vacation ownership club in South Africa. The Holiday Club, with its unique and flexible Points System, has an excellent track record of offering a variety of choice holiday destinations, both locally and internationally. The Holiday Club Botswana was launched in 1994 following the Club’s success in SA.

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The Club is 27 Years old

7.5 million people sent on holiday since 1993

R730 million in property investments

Access to 130+ resorts throughout southern Africa

Access to 4000+ resorts worldwide

Industry leading member benefits

The Holiday Club aims to give its members and their families the best holiday experience ever. The Holiday Club’s unique Points System gives Members the ultimate in flexibility, freedom of choice and financial planning, allowing them to design their dream holiday.


Private Residence (PR) is the Club’s premier product that enhances the holiday experience of The Holiday Club. The essence of this product is that PR units provide more upmarket and luxurious holidays, as well as feature additional comforts and amenities as compared to the standard Club holidays. Available to new members as well as an upgrade, Private Residence Villas are located within some of the most sought after resorts across South Africa, offering the ultimate luxury and comfort, promising unforgettable holidays that cater to your every whim.


The Infinity product offers ongoing membership, allowing members and their families to enjoy fun-filled holidays for as long as they choose. Members also enjoy industry-leading and exclusive benefits that enhance their membership and overall holiday experience.


This is a more affordable way to experience what the Club offers. This product allows new members to rent points, allowing them to experience our resorts as well as the key benefits of belonging to the Club. Go! members can then decide later if they want to be permanent members of The Holiday Club.

Beekman Lifestyle Portfolio

Beekman Lifestyle Portfolio (BLP) is a collection of top-range traditional timeshare made available at a few select Beekman Group resorts. When purchasing timeshare at one of these BLP properties, you automatically become a Member of the Beekman Lifestyle Portfolio, which brings with it a host of additional benefits.

  • Holiday flexibility
  • Hassle-free ownership
  • Exchange to more than 130 resorts locally and over 4,000 resorts internationally.

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Beekman Managed Portfolio

Gain access to a number of exciting developments located at prime tourism hotspots within Southern Africa. Whether you are a Southern African resident seeking a holiday home investment to escape to or an overseas investor who want to own a little piece of Africa, we have an investment opportunity to suit your needs.

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