Creating Big Smiles With The Santa Shoebox Project

It’s that time of the year again when you feel a distinct lighthearted buzz in the air – an atmosphere that is extremely reliant on the goodwill and love shared among our community. While we may have sometimes wished that Santa Claus was an actual person bringing gifts, we recognise that it’s equally rewarding to be the Santa Claus in someone’s life.

For this reason, the Santa Shoebox project is a pivotal initiative that’s brought smiles to over 1000 000 children since its inception. Every year, people decorate and fill a shoebox with gifts ranging from hygiene supplies to age-appropriate toys.

The Beekman House is an authorised drop-off point, in the South Coast region. On the 29th and 30th of October, over 800 pledges were received from community members in the South Coast, and departments within the Beekman Group. In turn, the Group pledged 50 boxes, which is guaranteed to bring a number of wonderful smiles and joyful hearts.

Thank you, Sandy Kathrayan, for coordinating this event and for all your hard work to ensure that as many kiddos as possible have a wonderful Holiday Season.