Private Edition 2022

This icon indicates the amount of availability that we have access to. This will aid you when searching for a holiday destination. Medium Resort Low Med High Access Large Resort Low Med High Access Small Resort Low Med High Access ACCESS LEVEL Here you will be able to view whether we have Low, Medium or High levels of accessibility to each resort. These are estimates based on historic bookings and is a guide only. INVENTORY SUPPLIER Blue means the inventory is supplied by The Holiday Club. Green means the inventory is accessible via iExchange. RESORT SIZE This indicates the size of the resort as this may impact accessibility. For example : although the icon may show access as low, a large resort has more units available so you would stand more chance to book accommodation here than where medium access is indicated at a small resort. EXAMPLE 1 : Small resort with access to a medium amount of inventory. Of this accessible inventory the majority is courtesy of iExchange. EXAMPLE 2 : Medium resort with access to a high amount of inventory. All of this inventory is The Holiday Club inventory. EXAMPLE 3 : Large resort with access to a low amount of inventory. Of this accessible inventory the majority is The Holiday Club inventory, but a smaller amount is accessible courtesy of iExchange. ACCESS ICONS Please turn to page 92 for a full breakdown of all icons that will help you choose your ideal destination. RESORT ICONS We grade each resort according to various quality related standards on a Diamond scale from 1 to 5+ with the latter being the highest attainable grade. In addition there are two grading icons to indicate our Private Residence units. Look out for the PRI and PRII icons with the PRII being the top grade. Read page 46 for more information on this product. DIAMOND GRADING The resorts have been classified into 3 separate sizes, based on the number of units at each resort: º SMALL RESORT : up to 20 units º MEDIUM RESORT : between 21 and 60 units º LARGE RESORT : 61+ units RESORT INFORMATION UNDERSTANDING THE RESORT DIRECTORY Understanding and using the resort directory correctly will prove to be an invaluable tool when choosing your next relaxing holiday destination! 91 Understanding the Resort Directory | CNR SONDAGSLOOP & SUKSES, FARM WELTEVREDEN, MELKRIVIER WATERBERG GAME PARK 4 Access Medium Resort Low Med High PR I RESORT DIRECTORY SCAN TO VIEW RESORT, POINTS TABLE & INFO The decision to bring the Points Table online was made because the school holidays kept changing due to the pandemic. This, in turn, affected the Points Table. Also, because we are now only printing the Private Edition every two years going forward, this is the best way to ensure that the information is kept accurate and up-to-date. So that you can easily access this information, we have added a QR code to each resort in the magazine to link to each respective Points Table and resort details. Simply use a QR code reader/scanner to access this information on demand. POINTS TABLE