Private Edition 2022 | Map of Southern Africa 88 RESORT DIRECTORY North West KZN South Coast pg93 - pg100 pg137 - pg148 Limpopo Drakensberg pg101 - pg106 pg149 - pg160 Gauteng Eastern Cape pg107 - pg110 pg161 - pg166 Mpumalanga Garden Route pg111 - pg122 pg167 - pg176 KZN North Coast Western Cape pg123 - pg132 pg177 - pg186 Durban Beyond our Borders pg133 - pg136 pg187 - pg192 Associated Resorts pg71 - pg72 RESORT INDEX Bloemfontein Cape Town Durban Johannesburg Knysna Margate Nelspruit Port Elizabeth Pretoria Winterton Courtesy of Google Maps © 2021 DISTANCE CHART Margate 761km 1494km 134km 693km 1058km - 812km 800km 748km 337km Nelspruit 743km 1743km 676km 341km 1490km 812km - 1391km 315km 511km Port Elizabeth 654km 754km 908km 1047km 267km 800km 1391km - 1117km 1008km Pretoria 468km 1467km 625km 66km 1210km 748km 315km 1117km - 436km Winterton 430km 1430km 215km 379km 1259km 337km 511km 1008km 436km -