Private Edition 2022

87 Map of Southern Africa | RESORT DIRECTORY RESORT DIRECTORY MAP KEY Signature Collection Resorts Shows the location and the number of resorts wholly owned or managed by The Holiday Club. Resorts Shows the location and the number of resorts where the usage rights to the inventory is held by The Holiday Club. Associated Resorts Shows the location and number of resorts where The Holiday Club does not own any weeks, but where we have access to high quality rental accommodation. (See page 71 for more information and resort details) On-site Service Centres Shows that there is an on-site Member Service Centre in the area. Please refer to the individual area maps in the Resort Directory for more detailed locations. Courtesy of Google Maps © 2021 DISTANCE CHART Bloemfontein Cape Town Durban Johannesburg Knysna Margate Nelspruit Port Elizabeth Pretoria Winterton Bloemfontein - 1005km 635km 397km 841km 761km 743km 654km 468km 430km Cape Town 1005km - 1635km 1398km 493km 1494km 1743km 754km 1467km 1430km Durban 635km 1635km - 569km 1166km 134km 679km 908km 625km 215km Johannesburg 397km 1398km 569km - 1199km 693km 341km 1047km 66km 379km Knysna 841km 493km 1166km 1199km - 1058km 1490km 267km 1210km 1259km