Private Edition 2022

We safeguard your future holidays MEMBER BENEFITS | TRAVEL PREMIUM HOL IDAY COVER Premium Holiday Cover (PHC) is specifically designed to safeguard your holiday against unforeseen or uncontrolled events that may affect your well-deserved break. OUTSTANDING FINANCE ACCOUNT The last thing you and your family want to worry about in times of tragedy is paying outstanding bills. With PHC, should the principal Member pass away, any outstanding capital (finance) amount will be paid in full. POINTS & OWNERSHIP TRANSFER In the event of the death of the principal Member, Points will be transferred to the beneficiary at no extra cost. ACTS OF GOD Natural disasters are as unpredictable as life – make sure you’re not caught off-guard. If Mother Nature prevents you from going on holiday or if your holiday gets interrupted by disaster, PHC will replace your used Points so that you can enjoy your holiday at another time. Premium Holiday Cover is subject to specific terms and conditions. The terms and conditions and details of the underwriter can be viewed at . REPLACEMENT HOLIDAY Avoid the disappointment of having to cancel at the last minute due to illness, injury or even the death of someone in your immediate family. Should any of these unfortunate circumstances occur, PHC will replace your confirmed reservation’s Points so that you can enjoy your holiday at another time. Formore information on this cover: Tel: 0861 773 648 | Email: FREE cover for all Holiday Club Members 79 Premium Holiday Cover |