Private Edition 2022 | Our GO! Product 50 0861 THC THC (0861 842 842) | To find out more about how GO! works, please contact us: OUR PRODUCTS EXPLAINED Who is this product for? The GO! product is for new members. New members rent their Points, allowing them to experience our resorts as well as the key benefits of belonging to the Club. They can then decide later if they want to join the best vacation club in southern Africa! GO! Members also have the exciting option to access even more accommodation locally and worldwide! You may opt to purchase your Points at any time. If you’re ready to own in the best holiday club in Africa, then purchase your Points outright! Should you wish to go on more holidays, you can easily convert your GO! Points to The Holiday Club Infinity Points. What benefits come with it? This affordable holiday option also comes with fantastic value-added benefits! Thousands more holiday options through iExchange Discounted rentals for even more affordable holidays Car hire and flights assistance Discounted holiday exchanges Hotel deals Free holiday insurance How does GO! work? • You choose your Points • You rent the Points monthly (your rent is locked so no increases!) • You may go on holiday after only two months’ rent! • GO! Members have access to all accommodation owned by The Holiday Club You can check where you can go on holiday by looking at the resort directory (pages 93 - 192) and finding the blue access icons. You can also log on to The Holiday Club website to browse what is available now. OUR GO! PRODUCT GO! is a more affordable way to experience all that The Holiday Club has to offer.