Private Edition 2022

0861 THC THC (0861 842 842) | To find out more about how the INFINITY product works, please contact us: 49 Our Infinity Product | OUR PRODUCTS EXPLAINED Who is this product for? The Holiday Club Infinity product is where most of our Club Members belong. Infinity gives you “lifelong” membership allowing you and your family to enjoy fun-filled holidays for generations to come! You also enjoy amazing holiday-related benefits applicable to your tier level. With Infinity, you can give the gift of “lifelong” holidays. We understand that personal circumstances change over time, and at some point you may want to transfer your Holiday Club Points to a family member. If, for whatever reason, you can’t go on holidays anymore, we can help you facilitate a Membership transfer to your children or a friend. What benefits come with it? To find out why The Holiday Club is the best vacation club to belong to, please turn to pages 5 – 24 For more information on the exclusive benefits of belonging to the Club, please turn to pages 51 – 86 To discover the many wonderful resorts you have access to across southern Africa, please turn to pages 93 – 192 How does the Infinity Product work? With almost daily changes in family responsibilities and work demands, we understand that your holiday needs may differ from those you had last year, or will have in the years ahead. That is why the flexible Points system gives you the freedom of choice to design your dream holiday around your own and your family’s needs. Consistent world-class service – Our Club puts you first! Modern resorts with beautiful interiors Facilities that cater for every family member To find out how your Holiday Club Membership works, please turn to pages 25 – 44 OUR INFINITY PRODUCT Our original “lifelong” offering allows you and your family to make precious holiday memories for years to come.