Private Edition 2022

MEMBER WARNING: DON’ T GET CAUGHT A number of Members have fallen victim to phony sales agents trying to buy or take control of their Points. Beware when you are approached by companies offering you deals on your holiday Points ownership that sound too good to be true! HOW THE HOLIDAY CLUB WORKS | Member Warning 44 • TRAVATI / MERIDIAN TRAVEL These companies claim to have a large database overseas that will pay top rentals (because of the exchange rate) for the use of your Points. This is just a ploy to get you to sign an agreement with them. • Another modus that was brought to light is that scammers are offering to rent Members’ Points with a promise of guaranteed rentals and big payouts if the Member pays a fee upfront into a non-Holiday Club account. Please do not get caught! • LIST OF DUBIOUS INDIVIDUALS AND COMPANIES We keep a list of travel companies and phony agents that have been reported to us as a result of dubious business practices. For a copy of this list, please get in touch with Member Services. WATCH OUT! BUYING ADDITIONAL POINTS • ACCREDITED AGENTS Make sure that you always deal with one of The Holiday Club’s accredited agents. Refer to page 32 to find out more about our accredited agents or contact our Member Services department on 0861 842 842 to verify an agent you wish to deal with. • PURCHASING ADDITIONAL NEW POINTS If you are interested in purchasing additional new Points email your name and contact details to or SMS “THC Points”, your name and contact details to 34594 , and we will contact you. • PURCHASING SECONDHAND POINTS The resale of Points is not vetted by us, so beware of outstanding fees or wrong Points balances. Please note that there are a number of distinct disadvantages in purchasing resale Points: - Membership Tiers and Benefits Whether you purchase resale Points or Points from any other leisure club or travel company, these Points cannot be combined with your original Holiday Club “purchased Points”. Therefore, your Membership Tier and the associated benefits will remain unchanged - irrespective of the number of resale Points you purchase. Also, benefits that were held by the previous Member are non-transferable. - Outstanding Fees Resale Points may have outstanding fees attached to them, which you will personally be held responsible for as the new owner. FAIR TRADE HOWWE ENSURE FAIR ACCESS TO HOLIDAY INVENTORY All our members deserve a chance to enjoy their Holiday Club membership and all the perks that come with belonging to the best vacation club in southern Africa. With that in mind, we would like to remind everyone that some practices infringe on other Members’ enjoyment of their membership. An example of this is renting out Points or holidays for profit. Not only is this contrary to your use agreement but this also prevents another Member from potentially enjoying that holiday themselves. To be equitable for all Members, at certain key properties, we will now be limiting the number of holidays booked into those particular resorts per year based on the Membership Tiers (please see table). This is to ensure that other Members receive a fair chance of booking these holidays for themselves. • Contact us first if you are approached by individuals or entities offering resale schemes, holiday discount schemes and promises regarding new Points ownership deals. • If you wish to sell your Points, please call us and we will refer you to a reputable resale company who can assist. SELLING YOUR POINTS If you have any queries or need further clarification on any of the information above, kindly get in touch with Member Services. Email | or call 0861 THC THC (842 842) for more information. Please note: The limit for Select to Optimum tiers also applies to each corresponding Private Residence Tier. MEMBERSHIP TIERS THC GO Classic Select Advantage Exclusive Prestige Optimum BOOKING LIMIT ON SELECTED RESORTS PER YEAR 2 2 3 3 4 4 5