Private Edition 2022

HOW THE HOLIDAY CLUB WORKS RESERVATIONS AND ACCOUNT SECURITY The Holiday Club subscribes to the provisions contained in the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). Therefore, we continually upgrade our security system to ensure that you or your authorised users are the only individual(s) empowered to transact on your account. 43 Reservations And Account Security | SECURE ONLINE TRANSACTIONS: • Every Member is allocated a username and password to log into our website. • Whether you are making reservations, payments, updating personal details or just browsing, log in to: • Please do not give your login details (username and password) to anyone. • For your protection, you are required to enter the CVV number printed on the back of your bank card when making online payments. TELEPHONIC VERIFICATION: • Should you prefer to contact our Call Centre to make reservations, pay accounts or make enquiries, you will be required to answer a series of security questions before we will be able to assist you. • Remember to keep your details up to date on your profile via our website. • Our self-help automated WhatsApp service has automated verification built in as your mobile number should already be loaded into The Holiday Club’s system. Please see page 33 on how to use this service. AUTHORITY TO TRANSACT: • The Holiday Club will transact only with you, the Points owner. However, should you want someone else to transact on your behalf (spouse, friend or family member) you will need to complete an Authority to Transact form. • An Authority to Transact form provides details of who can transact on your account and what they are allowed to do. • Call 0861 842 842 or (+27) 39 688 5370 for assistance. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT Never give out your Membership Password. Be aware that neither The Holiday Club, nor any of our accredited agents, will ask you for security details such as your online booking password or authority to access your accounts on your behalf.