Private Edition 2022

HOW INVENTORY WORKS You will hear the term “inventory” from us in a number of different places, but what is it, and what does it mean for you Read on to take the mystery out of this term. Inventory is simply the holidays that The Holiday Club has available for its members. We take note of which resorts our Members frequent more often and where they would like to build future memories. We monitor these trends to ensure you are getting thewidest range of options, taking into consideration your holiday preferences. From this information, we actively pursuemanaging our inventory to offer Members the holiday they desire. This is also why we began consolidating our inventory. Please seemore below under ‘Inventory Changes’ . Points are allocated to inventory based on a number of different factors that include: WHAT IS INVENTORY ? INVENTORY POINTS HOW THE HOLIDAY CLUB WORKS 41 How Inventory Works | UNIT SIZE AND TYPE SEASONS BOOKING DURATIONS The unit sizes are indicated by the number of guests that can occupy the units. The higher the occupancy, the higher the Points required. Inventory is typically offered in durations as Weekends (Friday – Monday), Midweeks (Monday to Friday) or Full Weeks (Friday to Friday). When a resort offers midweeks or weekends, this is what is also known as a ‘split week’. Not all resorts offer split weeks, especially during peak season. FULL WEEK (FULL): Afullweekmeansa7-nightstay,andusuallyruns from a Friday afternoon to a Friday morning. Check-in / out days may vary per resort. WEEKEND (WE): A weekend is approximately 60% of a full week’s Points value and usually runs from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. MIDWEEK (MW): A midweek is approximately 40% of a full week’s Points value and usually runs from Monday afternoon to Friday morning. WEEKS & DATES Check-in and check-out dates are shown in each resort’s Points Table, next to the season and Points costs per booking duration. Visit the website to view these Points Tables. The Points Table is categorised into different seasons. Resorts in the same area, with the same diamond rating and unit size, carry the same Points value. Although the seasons may change from year to year, the total Points cost for a unit for thewhole year remains unchanged. LOW OUT: The least popular out of season periods for holidays. MEDIUM OUT: Theseareallout-of-seasonperiods, excludingtheweeks with Public Holidays or long weekends. HIGH OUT: Out-of-season weeks where there is a Public Holiday, a long weekend or a high demand period. LOW IN: The least popular periods for holidays during school holiday weeks. MEDIUM IN: This grouping covers medium demand holidays during school holiday weeks. HIGH IN: These are the most popular school holidays apart from peak season. PEAK: These weeks are the most popular season weeks, eg. Christmas and New Year. TYPES OF SEASONS: INVENTORY RELEASE All available holidays are linked to a resort’s calendar, which are released at different times of the year. The release schedule is also affected by the school holidays notice from the government and notice from resorts on their respective calendars. In cases of flexi resorts, we wait until we receive our annual allocations before this availability is released. To keep an eye on the Resort Release Schedule, please scan the QR code. INVENTORY CHANGES We are still continuing the drive to consolidate our inventory so that we can give our Membersmore accommodation options in themost sought after, in-demand resorts and areas. With this goal in mind, we have exited our shareholding at less popular resorts and have purchased new shareholding at more exciting, popular destinations. Not only are we able to provide more accommodation where our Members want it the most but we also have more control over the quality and cost savings at most of these resorts. 1 3 2 INVENTORY AVAILABILITY SUMMARY The Holiday Club has sufficient inventory AT ALL TIMES to match the number of Points held by our Members. Looking for your next holiday? We have thousands of holidays AVAILABLE NOW! Please scan the QR code to see where your Points can take you.