Private Edition 2022

31 Leaving A Legacy | HOW THE HOLIDAY CLUB WORKS LEAVING A LEGACY The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories, and precious family holiday moments are a huge part of that. We understand that circumstances change and there might come a time that you might not be able to go on holiday anymore or make the most of your club benefits. Why not transfer your Points to your children so that they can continue the tradition of making special holiday memories ? It is a very easy process and our consultants will help you every step of the way, see below on how easy it is to transfer your Points. Being part of southern Africa’s biggest and best vacation ownership club also means having the privilege of enjoying unsurpassed value-added benefits. When you transfer your points and membership, you transfer a legacy of family holidays for future generations. • Transfers are FREE to family members • All owned and available points are transferred • The new owner retains all the same Tier benefits as the previous owner Would you like to transfer your Points? Call 039 688 5380 or email WHY TRANSFER YOUR POINTS ? TRANSFERRING YOUR POINTS IS EASY! S T E P 1 We get a request from you to transfer your points to a family member S T E P 4 We transfer the Points S T E P 2 We prepare the documents and send them to you S T E P 3 You sign and send them back to us S T E P 5 Your family holiday memories continue for years to come ?