Private Edition 2022

USING YOUR POINTS MOST EFFECTIVELY Here are some useful tips to make the most of your Points and ensure you get the holiday you want. Theearlybirdcatchesthebestholidays!Theearlieryouplanyourholidays, the better your chances of booking the one youwant, when youwant it! Book online for additional discounts at selected resorts. Bonus Rentals are holidays that allow you to pay cash instead of Points, in case you are saving your Points for a special holiday or you don’t have enough Points to make a booking. The discount you enjoy depends on your Membership Tier. See page 59 for discount table. HOW THE HOLIDAY CLUB WORKS 29 Using Your Points Most Effectively | BOOK IN ADVANCE BONUS RENTALS Keep your eye on the release schedule for holiday weeks, which can be found on the website and serves as a guide to show when next year’s weeks become public. Using this reference will help you plan towards getting the week you really want. See more information on page 41. RELEASE SCHEDULE Don’t miss out! Browse through the special offers on the website, or make sure you’re the first to know about the latest Bargain Breaks by signing up for our monthly newsletters or “last minute” email and SMS offers. Please refer to page 57. SPECIAL OFFERS 02 01 06 05