Private Edition 2022

OUR MAX RELAX MASCOT For more than 20 years our Holiday Club mascot, Max Relax the tortoise, has been the symbol for what it should be to ‘relax to the Max’. Max is our very own mascot and this friendly character has won the hearts of many holidaymakers visiting our Signature Collection Resorts (see page 17 for more information on our resorts). When you think about The Holiday Club, you cannot help but think of this fun, charming tortoise and his quirky presence as the Club’s champion. Unlike the common, sluggish tortoise, Max can be seen all over our resort in various places, spreading cheer, making young and old alike smile, and reminding everyone that holidays are made for relaxing and living life to the full! We’ve rolled out a long-term project to expand Max’s presence across our Signature Collection Resorts. As you may have noticed, we have Max at most of our Putt ’n Play courses, games rooms and other kid’s fun facilities. Keep your eye out for our new Max table tennis balls and our Max-themed kids’ little chef and little artist outfits. 23 Our Max Relax Mascot | ABOUT THE HOLIDAY CLUB WHO IS MAX RELAX? ‘MAXIFYING’ OUR RESORTS Waterberg Game Park, Limpopo Margate Beach Club, KwaZulu-Natal Umhlanga Cabanas, KwaZulu-Natal Kiara Lodge, Drakensberg