Trifecta of Accolades for Beekman Group at World Travel Awards


The Beekman Group is proud to share exciting news from the annual World Travel Awards, where three of our resorts have once again been celebrated for their extraordinary commitment to quality and innovation.

The prestigious awards ceremony is held annually to recognise excellence in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries across the globe. This year, a glitzy gala event was held in Dubai on October 15th, and we are excited to celebrate the victory of the following three Beekman Group resorts:  

  • San Martinho Beach Club; crowned as Mozambique’s Leading Family Resort 2023
  • Cayley Mountain Resort; awarded the title of South Africa’s Leading Lifestyle Resort 2023
  • The Kingdom Resort; emerged triumphant as South Africa’s Leading Family Resort 2023

San Martinho Beach Club and Cayley Mountain Resort were also the leaders in the same categories last year, making them consecutive winners in 2023!

Commenting on the achievements of these aspirational three resorts, Beekman Group Director, Cindy Allan, said “Those who frequent our resorts are well aware of the Beekman Group’s unmatchable quality standard. Though every time we are acknowledged through an internationally prestigious platform like the World Travel Awards, we are exposed to an even bigger audience, who we are always excited to impress for the first time.”

At the Beekman Group, we make no secret of our vision to make extraordinary holidays THE standard. The Beekman Group is a beacon of inspiration in the world of hospitality, where our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart.

Our legacy spans over half a century, and is filled with a history of over 200 awards and accolades, both local and international. This year’s recognition of San Martinho Beach Club, Cayley Mountain Resort, and The Kingdom Resort as holiday destinations of international esteem are not only a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality holiday experiences, but they also contribute to building trust and credibility with owners, clients and guests alike – assuring even those who have never stayed with us that they can expect a high standard of service and quality when choosing The Beekman Group for their holidays and leisure investments.

In short, your holiday is in good hands, driven by a passion for excellence and an unwavering dedication to our members.  

Congratulations to all three resorts on their well-deserved recognition.