Tidy Towns & Beekman Group on the Verge of Success

Tidy Town and Beekman Group volunteers cleaning up

The well-being of our community and the environment is important to us. That is why we’ve partnered with Tidy Towns KZN South Coast on one of their invaluable clean-up projects. Because great minds think alike, Beekman Group aims to work with Tidy Towns on many future initiatives.

Armed with garden tools and spunk, we cleaned up the road verge on Daly Road and the adjoining sidewalk on the R102. Our clean up started from the “Hospital robot” and ended at the Engen garage, where our hard-working volunteers returned the area to its former glory. Overgrown grass, weeds, and accumulated soil were gladly tossed out.

Clearing the verge means that road users have fewer visibility obstructions, and pedestrians can comfortably pass by without veering into the road. And the immaculate sidewalk is a pleasure to look at!

Who is Tidy Towns South Coast?

Tidy Towns Kwazulu-Natal South Coast is a group of businesses collaborating to minimise and reverse the decay of infrastructure in the area. Their current primary focus is on:

  1. Potholes
  2. Verges
  3. Paving
  4. Litter
  5. Signage

Tidy Towns calls on residents and businesses to volunteer their time and skills to assist with the region’s clean up for up to three hours a year.

The Beekman Group: Our People Our Planet

Social responsibility is defined as the calling for individuals and companies to act in the best interest of their environment and society as a whole. Our motto ‘OUR PEOPLE OUR PLANET’ encapsulates the Beekman Group’s commitment to this end.

The Beekman Group strives to play a role in social and environmental endeavours throughout the business wherever we can. In addition to supporting our community initiatives, like the Tidy Towns project, our ‘Go Green’ initiatives also bear testament to our commitment.

Some of our latest sustainability projects include:

  • A Solar Farm at our Dikhololo Resort that aims to generate about 85% of the daytime power supply.
  • Rolling out a Solar Farm initiative at The Kingdom Resort to alleviate energy supply and ensure an enjoyable holiday experience.
  • A variety of Corporate Social Investment support projects, including CANSA, SPCA, NSRI and many more.
  • Various ‘Go Green’ drives to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint at our Head Office and the Resorts.

Heartfelt Thank You to All

Thank you to everyone who worked together to clean up the Daly Road verge and the R102 sidewalk. And, a huge thank you from the Beekman Group to Tidy Towns for the continuing efforts to make the South Coast the paradise that it’s revered for.