Tahiti Sands – Does it again!

We are very proud to officially announce that, for the 2nd consecutive year, Tahiti Sands (Shelly Beach, KZN South Coast) has been presented with an Award of Excellence from Booking.com Guest Review Awards for 2015. The award is based on the fact that Tahiti Sands received an overall guest review score of 8 or more and demonstrated an outstanding commitment to our guests in delivering consistently amazing stays. This is a top award in its class and Tahiti Sands scored 9.3 out of 10, getting a higher rating than the previous year. In a congratulatory letter to the resort, Booking.com CEO Darren Huston said, “We’re thrilled to see that your guests have acknowledged your hard work by giving you a review score worthy of a Guest review Award. We know that welcoming visitors day after day isn’t always easy, but this is proof that you really know how to make each guest feel special.”

“Your guest Review Award is a symbol of excellence as a best guest experience provider among some 80,000 properties on Booking.com; it’s a sign of success that you can share with the rest of the world and it’s a thank you from your guests. Those late nights and long shifts, the thoughtful touches that exceeded expectations and all those times you went the extra mile – they didn’t go unnoticed.”  Well done to Michelle Clark (Regional Manager) and Wilma Brown (Resort Manager)! This is an inspiring achievement and we are so thrilled to know that our guests have nothing but positive things to say about the resort. With our ongoing focus on customer service, we strive for all our resorts to be in this category.