SMBC Advisory on Cyclone Idai

We have received many concerned calls or emails from prospective holidaygoers on whether or not San Martinho Beach Club in Bilene sustained any damage due to fierce Cyclone Idai. We would like to re-assure our guests that San Martinho Beach Club in Bilene was thankfully not in the path of Cyclone Idai. In fact, the cyclone hit some 1 000+ kilometres away from the resort. “Everything is business as usual here in sunny Bilene. We would like to let our guests know that the cyclone is very, very far from this area. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were hard hit by this tragedy,” said resort manager, Marianne Fourie.

The cyclone, which slammed near the port of the city of Beira on central Mozambique brought heavy winds, rains, and catastrophic damage with thousands reported missing or homeless and hundreds dead.