Private Edition 2018: A treasure trove of information on The Holiday Club™

Each year the Members of The Holiday Club™ eagerly await the arrival of the annual Private Edition and this year’s magazine is the best one yet. Jam packed with insightful membership information, essential resort guides, Club Benefits and an assortment of articles relevant to all of our Members, it really is a must have for both our Members and staff.

This 2018 edition celebrates our 25th Bridthday. It has an awesome new look, feedback on our accomplishments and accolades over the past year, our Go Green initiatives and an array of articles covering key information about being a Member and all of the benefits Members have access to.

We have also continued in our Go Green efforts, promoting members to opt to “Go Digital” by choosing to receive the eMagazine as opposed to the printed version. For every member that made this positive change, we will plant something green at one of our resorts, we look forward to seeing the plants flourish over the years!

The magazine has been posted to all of The Holiday Club™ Members during September. Members who have already elected to get their magazine in digital format have receive their emails and relevant links.