Our resorts are going solar!

The Beekman Group’s Go Green initiative has always driven sustainable projects to ensure that our planet does not suffer and will stay resilient for future generations. We began the roll out of sustainability practices in 2012 and since then have kept our promise to promote a healthier environment. As our resort is refurbished, we try to lessen our carbon footprint.

We have embarked on a solar power project with Dikhololo in Brits North West as the pilot. Once operational, this solar farm will power the majority of the resort’s daytime power usage. The project is expected to save 23, 000 sacks of coal a year and save the resort 15% of its power bill. Financially it will also mean significant savings of around 13 – 15% not to mention better for our environment! We will then roll this project out to our other resorts in the near future.