Movember Marks the End of Four Months of Wellness

As we wrapped up our Beekman Group Four Months of Wellness Drive, we proudly commemorated the impactful Movember campaign held during November 2023.

The Beekman Group showcased exceptional engagement. Remarkably, 30 participants across the country, from Head Office to our Resorts, grew their beards and their moustaches.

In a spirited competition, men focused on growing their beards and moustaches, while women showed their support on social media, emphasizing our growing dedication to the well-being of men. A competition was held featuring three exciting categories: The Biggest Mo, The Most Creative Mo, and The Most Stylish Mo—shining even more awareness on a serious cause in a lighthearted way.

As a Group, we sponsored 1271 blue ribbons, which our staff proudly wore throughout the entire month of November. This united display of solidarity served as a powerful symbol, emphasizing our shared commitment to men’s health.

Movember extends beyond the realm of growing moustaches; it serves as a powerful platform to bring awareness to diseases such as testicular and prostate cancer, as well as suicide prevention. As Beekman Group, our collective involvement significantly contributes to the advocacy for men’s health.

Reflecting on a successful 2023 filled with various impactful CSI projects, all of which you can find more information on at our CSI page , the Beekman Group celebrates our commitment to community initiatives. As we look ahead to 2024, we’re dedicated to continuing our support for diverse projects, fostering positive change in every step.