Giving Back on Mandela Day

In the spirit of Mandela Day this year, we were inspired to make a difference in multiple ways.

On the 18th of July 2023, the Beekman Group Head Office and some of our Resorts stepped up to make a meaningful and impactful contribution to their local communities, in commemoration of Mandela Day.

At Head Office, we had the pleasure of hosting ten talented matriculants from Ingwemabala Comprehensive High School in a highly informative workshop. The students were joined by our very own Commex Manager, Marcia Cele, who guided them through valuable career lessons. These young students soaked in the knowledge, from crafting a stellar CV to exploring our exciting School Leaver Programme, which includes Call Centre Training.

During an interactive walk-through with Wynand Muller, the students got a glimpse into various roles and potential career paths within the Beekman Group. Who knows, we might have discovered some future stars!              

And certain Resorts did their bit too. They warmly welcomed kids of all ages from nearby schools on Mandela Day. The joy and excitement were contagious as the little ones immersed themselves in fun and thrilling activities. The older kids received hands-on training in various hospitality careers at various participating Resorts across the country.

But the giving didn’t stop there as we wanted to make an impact in several ways. Some of our Coastal Resorts as well as Head Office staff-initiated beach clean-ups. And some of our generous staff members dedicated 67 minutes of their time to visit the South Coast Hospice Centre, making a difference in the lives of senior citizens who once shaped society as we know it today.

Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed to this impactful initiative. Your generosity, hard work, and empathy are truly inspirational.