Ensuring Your Safety

Everyone’s health and safety at our resorts remain our top priorities while we ensure that you are enjoying your holiday. While we have always maintained the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, we have intensified this now more than ever. If you are set to visit one of our resorts in the near future, please take note of the following:


• Please look out for the confirmation letter which will be sent to you shortly before arrival. This will come with a screening form which you will be required to complete and hand in upon check-in. We suggest filling the form in before leaving for your destination to make check-in smoother and speedier for your convenience;
• Bring additional hand sanitiser to last your stay.


• We offer a drive-thru check-in at the front gate (where possible);
• Please ensure that everyone in your party is wearing a mask;
• Everyone’s temperature will be checked upon arrival;
• You are required to complete a screening assessment.


• Numbers are limited in all areas at all times;
• Most on-site restaurants offer takeaway delivery;
• Room servicing is optional;
• We offer grocery delivery (where possible).


• All units are sanitised with ULV cold foggers before check-in;
• After fogging, your unit is secured with door seals that you will break when entering
your unit after check-in;
• Wall-mounted sanitiser dispensers are provided in high traffic areas;
• General work and guest areas are regularly sanitised.

Please make sure you are wearing your mask in the general areas. Our staff are required to adhere to the COVID hospitality protocols including practicing social distancing as well as wearing their masks at all times. Our front line staff are additionally equipped with face shields.