Dikhololo Solar Farm Setting the Standard

At the Beekman Group we’ve always been keenly aware of our responsibility towards our planet. Which is why we’ve been executing a strategic rollout of sustainability practices at many of our resorts, and we have continued to set the example for the rest of the tourism industry for the last 10 years.

Of the efforts we’ve spearheaded, none have been as bold and fulfilling as the newly completed 7,700 sq. metre Solar Farm at Dikhololo in the North West.

The project is expected to save over 612 tonnes of coal a year and will account for over 85% of the daytime power supplied to the resort moving forward!

This pilot project will serve as the template for future Green-Energy overhauls at Beekman Group properties as we continue to strive towards a more sustainable carbon footprint.

Congratulations to the team at ‘Dikho’ for working so tirelessly to move our business forward, while saving our planet at the same time!