Commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honour of World Breast Cancer Month, October is a meaningful time at the Beekman Group, where we actively participate to bring awareness to breast cancer. Beekman House, our Head Office, proudly wears pink ribbons to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as it does every year.
On the 23rd of October, Beekman House had the privilege of hosting Pranisha Bhooden from the South Coast Mammography Centre. With expertise and grace, she led a special workshop for the dedicated staff at Beekman Group.

This workshop offered a wealth of insights into crucial aspects of breast health. It emphasised the gold standard in early breast cancer detection, shedding light on the vital role of self-examinations. The session took our participants on an enlightening journey, fostering awareness, and empowering them with knowledge on recognising warning signs.

The participating ladies were filled with positivity, portraying the workshop not only as informative but also as a beautiful and enlightening session that touched both their hearts and minds. Their enthusiastic response speaks volumes about the impact of this empowering experience.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Pranisha and all the participants for their valuable contributions to this crucial awareness initiative. Initiatives like the Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop underscore our dedication, as the Beekman Group, to holistic wellness, as we ensure to make contributions that go beyond conventional boundaries.