Celebrating 7 million holidays

Mr and Mrs David and Busi Selesho have been Holiday Club members for more than 10 years and really know how to make the most of their Points! The Holiday Club surprised them with some gifts and a picnic at their recent holiday at Margate Beach Club on the South Coast of South Africa.

“It’s been a great 10 years! We love holidays”, said Mrs Selesho. They said that they really love spending holidays as a family, with their four daughters. “The family-friendly facilities and activities at the resorts are great, our kids love it and we really enjoy the holidays. Staying in the hotel is not nice, but resorts offer spacious accommodation and there are activities the whole week!”

The family loves holidays so much that they try to go as many as 7-8 times a year! They prefer going out-of-season so it doesn’t cost so much Points, as well as using Bargain Breaks. “We like going out of season because then there is no traffic, you avoid the rush, you can relax and really enjoy your holiday”, said Mr Selesho.

For being the 7 millionth guests, the family received a huge hamper of Holiday Club branded merchandise, vouchers to enjoy the local attractions on the South Coast and we also gave them their Points back so they can enjoy even more holidays!