Beekman Group “Go Green” Efforts Recognised At Top Business Awards

The Beekman Group is proud to have been named the Top Business in the category of Renewable Efficiency & Green Initiatives at the Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards 2023!

The award comes in the wake of over a decade of proactive innovation in paperless customer interactions, recycling programs at our Head Office and resorts, as well as significant investments into solar energy solutions, and groundbreaking wastewater initiatives.

In 2023, our head office took a further step towards our sustainability goals by installing 333 solar panels, which produce up to 181.44 kWp of sustainable power for our Port Shepstone home, ensuring a reliable and renewable source of energy for our operations when the weather is favourable.

This follows the installation of solar power generation technology at Dolphin View Cabanas, and solar farms at four of our larger resorts; Dikhololo, The Kingdom Resort, Cayley Lodge, and Kiara Lodge, which collectively generate over 1.6million kWh of energy annually. In addition to the many ways we conserve electrical energy, we’ve also built extensive hydro-purification and “wastewater” recycling infrastructure at The Kingdom Resort, Waterberg Game Park, and Dikhololo, which collectively treat and repurpose an estimated 480 000 litres of waste-water per day.

All the above programs driven by the Group over the last 10+ years are foundational to our longstanding commitment to not only the financial, but also the social and environmental impacts of our business – bringing us closer to our goal of achieving the “triple bottom line”.