Vision And Values


We strive to be exceptional in all aspects of our business. We strive to provide service excellence to both clients who purchase units at our property developments and Members of our Vacation Ownership division. We endeavour to be industry leaders and have embarked on an expansion plan throughout Africa to achieve this.


Our People

We aim to be an employer of choice, attracting, training and retaining skilled people. We are an equal opportunities employer.

Pursuit of Excellence

We aim to continue in our delivery of quality and value in our chosen sectors through integrated solutions, products and services.

Customer Focused

With our access to an array of multi-disciplinary expertise, we deliver a quality product to satisfy all of our customer's individual needs.

Striving for Integrity

Based on recognised codes of conduct and a system of accountable, transparent corporate governance, we strive to maintain a high standard of business integrity.

Pursuit of Innovation

We continually seek and develop innovative products within both the commercial and residential property sectors and within the vacation ownership industry.

Superior Performance

We look to on-going growth and premier service delivery through a customer-centric focus that sets the benchmark for others to emulate.

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