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Beekman Group: A Year In Review

Beekman Group: A Year In Review

2015 has been a challenging year for the economy and the Timeshare Industry. However, we're happy to advise that The Beekman Group has managed to stay ahead of the pack and had another successful year. Here are some of the key moments for us this past year.

Head Office

At our Head Office, we've been involved in various internal improvements to the facilities and also plan on expanding the current building to include more underground parking as well as conference facilities.


On the resort side, we've been rolling out various refurbishment programmes over the last year and our resorts are looking great. This ongoing development will continue into 2016 with our major maintenance and refurbishment plan projected at R53.8 million.

We've also been much more focussed on our customer experience journey. With this in mind we're busy with major facility and programme upgrades at the various resorts. We want to improve our Members' holiday experiences - from the moment they start searching for the destination up until the moment they arrive home after their holiday. What this means is that all our Members will be assured of the same standard of service in amenities, facilities and guest experience whenever they stay at any of our resort developments.

Beekman Managed Portfolio

The Beekman Managed Portfolio has done very well this year and all four resorts did better than expected in sales. The resorts are San Martinho Beach Club, The Kingdom Resort, Cayley Mountain Resort and Monomotapa Village at Legend Golf and Safari Resort.

The Holiday Club™

The Holiday Club™ Member numbers are being maintained despite the fact that many people are feeling the financial pinch. We ascribe the Club's ongoing success to our strong sales team and the top-notch service offered to our Members.

The international chapters of The Holiday Club™, also yielded positive results this year. Botswana Head Office moved into a new office in Gaborone and we believe that this new location will contribute to their continued growth as well as better customer care opportunities.

The Holiday Club™ Australia is going from strength to strength and they also moved into their own, new building.

Vacation Compass

Our new in-house CMS programme, Vacation Compass, is becoming a force to be reckoned with and has been rolled out to The Holiday Club™ Australia. We believe it will have a tremendous impact on their efficiency as it has had on ours.

Cash Rentals

We've expanded our cash rental programme to online platforms like and Expedia. This has led to a 100% increase in sales for this side of the business and we're excited to see where the technological advances will take us in 2016.

The Group's success can definitely be ascribed to the ongoing team effort and we are really proud of how everyone has pulled together this year and the terrific results achieved.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, business partners, service providers and Members, for a great year and wish you and your families a festive holiday season and the very best for 2016.

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