Go Green

Green Roof

"I will if you will" Campaign

The IT department at the Beekman Group Head Office, as part of an "I will if you will" campaign, claimed that each employee in the department will sponsor a tree, plant, or eco-friendly element towards a Green Roof, "IF" the Management Team of the Beekman Group will help to make Beekman House "Greener" by making our roof a Green Roof!

True to their word they did just that, and the result is now a tranquil green environment, with a stunning view.

During the official opening of the new Green Roof, Group Director Wayne Beekman said: "We are equally committed to protecting our environment, as we are to enriching staff welfare. This was a magnificent project that catered for reaching both these objectives".

Staff are enjoying the new setting and with the harsh summer sun reducing now, the setting is comfortable and refreshing. Thanks goes to the IT department for this great idea, and their keen contribution.

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