Go Green

Boom Boom! Cards


We have previously reported on how our Accounts and Collections Departments have really gotten involved in the Boom Boom! Card revolution, and we're happy to advise that SCSTS have followed suit. They've taken up the challenge for Card #15 - the Wildcard! This card dares you to be daring, outrageous, whimsical, but above all to be green. We couldn't think of a better card for this cheerful department to pick

Some of their projects they've undertaken include a teddy bear made with recycled material (felt and hollow fibre from an old pillow). They've also shown absolute creativity by making a lampshade from recycled spoons and foil plates. They even used a second hand cord and energy saving globe to complete the project - ensuring that this upcycling project really shines the light on the importance of going green!

In addition to this they’ve also recycled 9kg of plastic, 6.3kg of paper and 1.4kg of aluminium. Well done team for these efforts!

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