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Boom Boom! Cards

Creating a revolution at Beekman Group

It is no secret that the Beekman Group is passionate about anything Green. In our usual quest for fun new ways to educate and inspire people to adopt our philosophy, we stumbled across this website and it wasn't long before the group became a cards carrying member of the Boom Boom! Revolution.

With Boom Boom! Cards, you perform underground acts of goodness, post about the experience on the Boom Boom! Card website, and then pass the card on to someone else. Each card's unique ID number makes it possible to follow every card that's played on the website's map. With Boom Boom! Cards, you never know where your one act of kindness may end up!

Off course it was the Green Deck that caught our attention because the mission here is to perform Acts of Greenness to protect and preserve Planet Earth. While the various departments at our Head Office has already dived into the deck head first, we'd like to share card number 23 with you in this feature.

Upcycling – getting more tread out of your trash

Our Collections Department took on a few Boom Boom! Cards and started with the Upcycling card. By using general household waste like plastic cooldrink and water bottles, plastic bottle caps, toilet paper rolls, old party decor and even broken broom sticks, and combining it with some impressive arts and crafts creativity, the team pulled out all the stops. They made some sweet/snack stands and we were all blown away! Well done to this team and everyone involved! We're looking forward to your next project.

Accounts Department lends a hand

In similar fashion our Accounts Department also took on the challenge and did a drive to donate some clothes to a local charity in Murchison called Rehoboth Children's Village. They also donated some blankets to the village. The team is excited about their donation. "We've learnt that more people are in need of clothes and try and continue with this type of donations as a team whenever possible," said Phumla Zungu, the department's Go Green representative. The department has also started to be more conscience of the amount of plastic and paper around them and have taken a determined course of action to add as much of this type of waste to the company's recycling bins.

We'll keep you updated on more Boom Boom! Revolutions as they spread through the building, so watch this space!

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