Go Green

"We strive to participate actively towards the improvement and preservation of the environment by mobilising ourselves, encouraging others & acquiring the means to facilitate a recycling program with the aim of minimising the impact our waste has on the environment."

International Coastal Clean-up Day

International Coastal Clean-up Day

Hands combine to clean beaches

The Port Shepstone beachfront received a spring clean last Saturday. The Beekman Group and Ray Nkonyeni Municipality waste management staff members formed part of a global marine clean-up involving thousands of people from all around the world last Saturday, when they joined hands and cleaned up the Port Shepstone beachfront.

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Beekman Group is Prepared For Earth Hour 2016

Earth Hour 2016

Beekman Group is Prepared

Due to the size of the Beekman Group the company has to face a lot of expenses. However, with the latest technology and a lot of team work, a lot of other expenses such as water and electricity can be reduced. These factors all contribute to help save the environment....

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Beekman Group takes part in Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour 2015

Beekman Group takes part

In support of Earth Hour we switched off at Head Office for Earth Hour. Here's what we saved: 1.2 Trees, 240kg of Carbon Emissions, 8 Hours of Household Electricity for the average South African Home. Watch our video and read more about Earth Hour...

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Beekman Group Eco Warrior

2014 Winners

Our Commex Department, who takes care of the day-to-day running and maintenance of head office, was awarded the Beekman Group Eco Warrior Award at the annual Year End Function that took place on 7 November 2014.

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Beekman Group and Winterbourne-Green Energy

Embarking on 8 year energy performance contract

Our next big Go Green roll out is aimed at sustained energy management at all Signature Collection Resorts. For this purpose, we have appointed Winterbourne-Green Energy (Pty) Ltd in commissioning energy audits at the resorts including monitoring and implementation. Our first audit was done at Cayley Lodge, and although our existing green projects showed a very real saving already, a further possible Carbon Emission reduction of approximately 65% has been identified. We welcome Winterbourne Green on our turf, and look forward to sharing our journey through environmental sustainability.

Beach Clean Up

Beautifying Umtentweni Beach

On Saturday, 20 September 2014, a team from Head Office got together on a Go Green Mission at Umtentweni Beach. The team got cracking at 9am picking up litter on the sand and restoring the beach to a more natural state. We love that the kids also joined in! It just goes to show that no matter what your age or experience - we all have a part to play in keeping the environment clean. Well done to all involved for this great initiative!

Click here to see the Herald's article on our project.

Boom Boom! Cards


We have previously reported on how our Accounts and Collections Departments have really gotten involved in the Boom Boom! Card revolution, and we're happy to advise that SCSTS have followed suit. They've taken up the challenge for Card #15 - the Wildcard! This card dares you to be daring, outrageous, whimsical, but above all to be green. We couldn't think of a better card for this cheerful department to pick

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Boom Boom! Cards

Creating a revolution at Beekman Group

It is no secret that the Beekman Group is passionate about anything Green. In our usual quest for fun new ways to educate and inspire people to adopt our philosophy, we stumbled across this website and it wasn't long before the group became a cards carrying member of the Boom Boom! Revolution.

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Green Roof

"I will if you will" Campaign

The IT department at the Beekman Group Head Office, as part of an "I will if you will" campaign, claimed that each employee in the department will sponsor a tree, plant, or eco-friendly element towards a Green Roof, "IF" the Management Team of the Beekman Group will help to make Beekman House "Greener" by making our roof a Green Roof!

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Kiara Lodge

Alien tree species proves useful

Kiara Lodge is proud to advise that we've successfully covered the green water tanks sitting against the Maluti Mountains. Our initial thoughts were to cover it by purchasing poles and lattes. This option, however, would have been quite an expensive exercise so we opted for the greener (and more affordable!) option. We had a fair amount of invasive Poplar trees on-site and decided that this presented the perfect opportunity to address both the issues in one go. By cutting down the alien tree species we could utilize the straight poles and fence off the green tanks.

We could definitely not have done it without the help of the GSE Gardens and Maintenance team and our handyman, Jacques De Klerk.

Go Green Project

The Beekman Group: Leading by example

Mission Statement

"We will participate actively towards the improvement and preservation of the environment by mobilising ourselves, encouraging others & acquiring the means to facilitate a recycling program with the aim of minimising the impact waste has on the environment."

As a Group we have embarked on a Go Green Campaign, which insures that we will always be mindful in pursuing environmentally friendly practices in whatever we do. This not only benefits the environment, but also creates public awareness of Beekman Group's commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly way of life.

Beekman Group Head Office

At our Head Office, we have put together the following recycling strategies, some of which include:

Recycling Depots

With the help of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality we have various recycling depots across the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. These bins channels waste and recyclable materials into separate glass, plastics, aluminium and paper banks. Through this we encourage the community to join in our Go Green initiatives.

Energy Saving

At Head Office we have installed the cold comfort energy saving initiative which means that all our geysers are switched off by means of a timing switch when we are closed. We also substituted our power hungry urns for the more energy efficient hydro boilers in our effort towards conserving even more energy in our building. We also use energy reducing LED lights throughout the building

Thinking of the Environment

At Head Office we use biodegradable detergents and cleaning products as well as recycled paper for our everyday printing needs. Biodegradable waste generated at our Head Office gets turned into compost to feed the buildings flower beds and pot plants.

Recycling Rewarded

All of our attempts to leave a smaller footprint on the environment have led to us being awarded the Platinum Certification by The Green Path. To read more about the standards the Group had to adhere to, visit www.thegreenpath.co.za

Resorts also Going Green

We have also begun the roll out of sustainability practices to the resorts we manage and a number of resorts have already been certified, including Sea ‘n Sky (KZN) who achieved Silver Status Certification in 2012. Suntide Margate (KZN) as well as Placid Waters (Garden Route) successfully achieved this Certification in 2013. Guests visiting these premises will be able to experience first-hand the positive impacts brought about by such responsible actions.

Other Go Green endeavours by the resorts include:

  • Both Royal Atlantic and Cayley Lodge have furnished their pool and braai areas with recycled plastic furniture, that resembles wood, to stay in theme with nature.
  • Cayley Lodge and Boulder Bay have fitted timer controllers to all their geysers, so during non-occupied time periods no energy is being wasted in the different units.
  • Sea 'n Sky uses solar panels to heat water for its units, as well as using gas stoves and energy efficient microwaves in all its units.
  • The Aloes also took the initiative to fit all their geysers with geyser covers, to ensure heat retention and reduce energy costs.
  • Two of our resorts have also introduced the use of new eco-friendly shower heads in the units, which equates to thousands of litres of water being saved and does not distract from have a very hot, steamy and revitalising shower.

These resorts initiatives were started in 2009 as "pilot projects" and are being rolled across to our other resorts in due course. In addition to these local resorts initiatives, we intend to invest in environmentally friendly products and practices, which can be implemented in all resorts within our managed portfolio.

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