Executives of the Beekman Group

Ajith Ramsarup - Executive

Ajith Ramsarup

Ajith joined the Group in 2002 as Accounts Supervisor, was promoted as Accounts Manager in 2003 and, two years later, joined the Executive Team. Ajith not only heads up Holiday Club Africa but is also involved in the financial and accounting areas of the Group. These include overseeing the Internal Auditing function, tax-related matters and financial aspects of the resorts managed by the Group. Ajith represents the Group on various boards outside of its portfolio.

Fiona Broom - Executive

Fiona Broom

Fiona's extensive background includes training, development and transforming organisations. Her career began in Travel and Tourism. She became a lecturer in the field, where her interest shifted to education management. Fiona is passionate about establishing and managing business operations. This led to her role as a consultant, working with a variety of organisations on diverse developmental and special turnkey projects. Fiona's Executive responsibilities include both the Training and Development and Marketing portfolios for the Beekman Group.

Geoffrey Jarvis - Executive

Geoffrey Jarvis

Geoffrey completed his B Com Economics and LL B degrees from Rhodes University before reading for his Masters. Geoffrey joined the Group in 1999 as the in-house attorney. He relishes the Group's entrepreneurial spirit, allowing him to think out of the box. His more than 20 years in the legal field offers the Group the benefit of his skills and experience in making the law work in commercially practical ways.

Jacques Labuschagne - Executive

Gevan Jack

In October 2017 Gevan joined the Beekman Group as an Executive with joint oversight of the group's IT department. Gevan began his software career developing various simulators for the South African Defence Force and transport industry. In the late 90s he worked with the Beekman Group, assisting in the development of its software systems. On completion of his objectives with the Group he further expanded his career by developing similar software systems for other related industry players over a 23 year period. His extensive expertise in software development combined with his knowledge of the Industry strengthens the Beekman Group's capacity to continue innovating in an ever-changing world.

Jacques Labuschagne - Executive

Jacques Labuschagne

Jacques started his career with an auditing firm and, after completing his qualifications and articles in 2006, joined the Beekman Group as Financial Manager. The Group's diverse portfolio often presents him with various challenges which require making assertive strategic decisions, shaping the direction and future of the Group. This creates a dynamic business environment which, now as a Financial Executive for the Group, he thoroughly enjoys.

Jesse Verster - Executive

Jesse Verster

Jesse joined the Beekman Group as Executive in early August 2014. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in financial management, forecasting and analysis gained in various industries in South Africa and internationally. Jesse brings strong analytical skills and adaptive decision making to the Group, in particular to the Reservations Operation and Administration departments, while cultivating productive relationships with the Group's external stakeholders.

Michael Hunter - Executive

Michael Hunter

Michael is the Executive in charge of all IT requirements and communications systems, including in-house programming. He has been with the group for more than 20 years, and his knowledge and expertise have helped create a dynamic IT environment for our staff. This helps ensure that our Members receive the excellent bouquet of products and services that we offer. In an ever-changing technological world, Michael's contribution and commitment are vital to the ongoing success of the Group.

Patricia Labuschagne - Executive

Patricia Labuschagne

Patricia joined the Beekman group as Executive in December 2011 as head of the Collections and Sales Administration departments, a role that plays to her strengths. These include building relationships and having a strong customer service ethic and business acumen, coupled with a background in the management of multi-million rand collection targets. She is involved in making sure that finance agreements are in line with current legislative guidelines, assessing viability and mitigating risk to ensure business success.

Tony Forbes - Executive

Tony Forbes

Tony has been involved in the travel and leisure industry his whole working career of 20+ years. His portfolio varies across being involved both from an operational as well as sales and marketing perspective. Specifically, Tony is responsible for the development of business opportunities and relationships with key business partners for the Beekman Group, focusing on the iExchange Network, Anytime Holidays and affiliated companies.

Tony Hazel - Executive

Tony Hazel

Tony joined the Beekman Group in 2015 as Resorts Executive and brings with him 35 years' experience in all aspects and levels of the hospitality industry. He manages the Resorts Portfolio with a team of Regional Area Managers. This extensive portfolio consists of 34 resorts with more than 1300 various units throughout Southern Africa. Tony also implements and oversees the “Member experience” developments at resorts, manages new developments and all major asset refurbishments and projects.

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