CSI - Corporate Social Investment

Siyavuna Excellence Awards - June 2013

Siyavuna works with small and medium scale farmers in rural areas in the Ugu district. They train the farmers to do organic growing and then sell their produce to one of two agri-co-ops who re-sell the produce under the Kumnandi brand. 81% of the farmers are women. At the heart of this project is poverty alleviation.

When Siyavuna launched an incentive programme for farmers through the Farmers Associations this year, the Beekman Group was keen to get on board, and is now the sole sponsor of this quarterly prize giving event. Examples of awards are "Farmer with the biggest variety of produce sold during the quarter", "Farmer who sold the most produce during the quarter", "Farmer with the best kept garden/farm". The basic concept is to offer one reward / prize for a farmer from each area, for outstanding performance.

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