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Reinhardt's Place

Reinhardt's Place, in Pumula, offers full-time care for disabled people suffering from brain damage. The Beekman Group recently donated an industrial washer and dryer to them to help lighten the load.

"Caring for 20 individuals is challenging - but add laundry to the mix and you will soon understand why your generous gift of the industrial washer and dryer means the world to us!" they said. "We are truly thankful and appreciative of your generosity toward this organization and especially toward the welfare of our 'children'."

More about Reinhardt's Place
The founders' son, Reinhardt, fell with his walking ring which caused severe brain damage. Named after him, the centre was established in 1994 in order to provide a permanent home for brain injured persons, where the residents are assured of love and care, thus fulfilling two of the centre's main objectives. They strive to make every resident feel happy, secure and cared for - the way they wanted Reinhardt to be cared for. Another objective is to maintain a suitable environment to enhance the residents' quality of life.

For more information on Reinhardt's Place, visit their website on www.reinhardtsplace.org.za

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