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12 Children from Reach for a Dream in Durban were treated to a fun day out on the South Coast in KZN on Thursday 23 April 2015.

Fun on the KZN South Coast for Reach For a Dream Children - April 2015

Paul Jeffreys, owner of Wild 5 Adventures kicked off this special day for the kids by arranging two activities. They were able to enjoy the fun and adventure from the Suspension Bridge (100 meters high, 84 meters long), as well as the Wild Slide (165 meters above the treetops with panoramic views of the gorge). Each child received various magazines donated by Panorama Media Corp, such as Animaltalk and TeenZone. The group was later treated to a lunch courtesy of the Oribi Gorge Hotel. Adding to this, the Beekman Group got involved and provided full sponsorship for transport for the children and their six guardians on the day.

"I did not expect to enjoy the trip through the gorge, but the views were awesome and I loved the narrow, winding roads that made me realise we were on a real adventure" said 17 year old Sihle Khubeka.

How the day played out
When the boys saw the slide and the deep gorge for the first time, they knew they had a real challenge on their hands. 18 year old Thabo Ndlela decided to go first, because he could see that some of the other boys were a bit afraid of the height of the slide. Thabo decided he needed to be courageous to set an example for them.

Njabulo said the best part was when the slide stopped and he was hanging in the middle of the sky! He felt on top of the world and at peace because it was so calm. Nhlanipho was clearly afraid before he could do the slide. After all the boys were done, he asked Luke if he could please have a second turn. Of course he was allowed to do it again because of his bravery!

The boys loved walking across the Suspension Bridge. They were able to view the gorge from a different angle. The younger boys were thrilled when the bridge swayed a bit, it added so much excitement! Boys being boys, the burger, chips and cool drink lunch was wolfed down with gusto, allowing them more time to spend outside on the swings, roundabout and foofie slide at the Oribi Gorge Hotel.

Reach for a Dream

When it was time to leave, the boys clearly did not wish to do so. This was a testament to the fabulous day that they had. Reach for a Dream extends a heartfelt thanks to Carol at the Oribi Gorge Hotel for the delicious lunch that was organised and the extra special touches that were added. It made the boys feel welcome and loved.

Paul Jeffreys and Luke Williamson of Wild 5 Adventures gave the boys the challenge they needed to spur them on in their own personal challenges. Thank you for inspiring hope in them. Claudia Sherrin was wonderful in organising so many copies of magazines of Animal Channel and Teen Zone Magazine for the children.

And lastly, the much needed sponsorship from the Beekman Group for the transport costs. This allowed us to include boys, who under any other circumstances would not have experienced this sort of activity because of the lack of finances. The Beekman Group's generosity in sponsoring the transport costs, brought joy to boys whose lives revolve around visits to hospitals, medication and pain. It helped bring their dreams to life!

Thank you to all involved for putting smiles on their faces.

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