CSI - Corporate Social Investment

Hospice Port Shepstone - April 2013

South Coast Hospice and it's staff have been the leaders in Quality Palliative Care for 30 years in the community and the greater UGU Health District, caring for patients with diseases such as Cancer, HIV / AIDS, MDR-TB and Motor Neuron disease. When they wrote to the Group for some much needed assistance, our CSI division reacted quickly and with passion to ensure that needs are met.

"We suffered a serious blow in 2012 when we found out that the funding from lotto would be cut drastically and we realised that our safety net had been ripped from us", said Di van Dyk, CEO of South Coast Hospice. With the funding provided, Hospice Port Shepstone was able to add value to their 8-bed in-patient Unit, by upgrading the ‘quiet lounge' used by patients' families. They were also able to purchase a microwave for the Day Care Centre kitchen which sees support groups, remembrance gatherings and volunteer meetings weekly as well as an allocation for funding towards food parcels and medical care expenses for the year.

Out of the Group's donation they were also able to purchase computers for the upliftment of the Training Academy division, which in the last financial year graduated 285 students and offered 139 in-service training opportunities.

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