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The Holiday Club Joins The Fight Against Rhino Poaching - August 2014

The Holiday Club has joined the fight against Rhino Poaching by donating funds to the Stop Rhino Poaching organisation to assist in their ongoing endeavours and projects. This organisation uses funding to not only create awareness, but also actively participates in fighting poaching and rescuing Rhinos that are left for dead by the poachers.

The donation follows a competition the Club launched in their annual Member Magazine prompting fans to reach a certain amount of likes on their Facebook page in exchange for a contribution towards the fund. The Holiday Club didn’t only want to raise awareness amongst their Members, but also empower them to, indirectly, become part of contributing towards the cause.

Since The Holiday Club takes an interest in the country's wildlife treasures as well as the tourism industry, it is of vital importance to them that the threat against the Rhinos are stunted and eliminated. "We hope that by making a contribution to the Stop Rhino Poaching Organisation we will spread further awareness of this ongoing epidemic amongst our Members and Business Partners" said Michelle Forbes, Marketing Manager for the Club.

For more information on Stop Rhino Poaching and their projects, or to make a donation, please visit their website on www.stoprhinopoaching.com.

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