CSI - Corporate Social Investment

Coastal Christmas - Novemeber 2012


The Beekman Group have adopted a number of local children homes as part of our CSI strategy, and this year was no different for the annual Christmas party that we host for all the children and carers at these homes.

The younger children had a delightful day filled with party packs and hotdogs replenishing the energy they lost in the swimming pool, jumping castles and wet slides.

For the older kids, a day at the Wild Coast Sun Wild Waves became an unforgettable experience and it was clear that these children had never imagined this type of experience before. We were surprised and delighted that many of them were not at all scared to go on the big slides, and they bravely queued to go down the highest slides again and again.

A group of Beekman staff also joined and we finished the day with a lovely Wimpy lunch on the lawn overlooking the ocean. These are undoubtedly happy memories for these special kids.

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