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Bull Slingers Golf Day - October 2014

The Port Shepstone Bullslingers Club (PSBC) is a small service club that does big and, sometimes, great things. The highly successful Annual Tube Race on the Umzimkulu River is their signature project, and this is how the club raise their funds.

The Club has its roots in helping on a smaller scale and continues to do so till this day. It all started in the 1950's when regulars at the old Milton Hotel bar in Port Shepstone started putting all their loose change into a box on the counter, initially to assist a friend whose family had hit hard times. The Club grew from there but are still staying true to their roots. Where bigger clubs and organizations focus their help on big scale projects and charities, PSBC focus their attention on the needs of individual children. Because of the sensitivity of their work, they often choose not to be present in the local media. Their mission is: "We help children in need".

Recently, the PSBC built a small two room house for a destitute lady and her sick son. Their old dwelling was open to the elements and not conducive to the boy's health. The Beekman Group was delighted to take up main sponsorship for their latest fund raiser, The Annual Bullslingers Golf Day, which took place on 13 September at the Port Shepstone Country Club. We trust that the funds raised, will see many more individuals receive a much needed helping hand.

For more information on the work PSBC does, visit their website

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