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Mr Hilton Gwala, Principal at Olwandle High School, receiving the computers from Collin Msomi from The Beekman Group.

Beekman Group Donates to various community projects - March 2015

The Beekman Group is happy to assist our local community in any way we can. We have recently worked alongside Olwandle High School in Gamalakhe, Reinhardt's Place in Pumula and Genesis Trust in Port Shepstone. We take great pleasure in knowing that our contributions - no matter how big or small - play a part in bettering our local community.

Olwandle High School Computer Donation The Beekman Group recently donated ten computers to Olwandle High School in Gamalakhe. Previously the school had no computers for their Grade 8 – 12 students. The principle, Mr Hilton Gwala, accepted the computers on behalf of the school.

"One behalf of the ... School Governing Body, the School Management Team, educators, parents and mostly the 1200 learners, we would whole heartedly express our gratitude to you for extending a hand of help by donating ten computers to the school" , Mr Gwala noted. The Beekman Group is happy to have been able to play a part in assisting these students in furthering their knowledge and basic understanding of technology.

Genesis Trust – Khulu Crafts, The Care Centre and The Training Centre

Beekman Group donated R100 000 to the Genesis Trust in support of their Khulu Crafts, Care Centre and Training Centre programmes.

Khula Crafts – The beading section of the Genesist Trust Crafts programme was very successful during 2014, as they were able to sell many of items to visiting international teams. They also displayed and sold the crafts at various local markets, and even travelled to the Christmas market at Grace Church in Umhlanga.

The Care Centre – The flagship programme of Genesis Trust is in its tenth year of operation and continues to provide essentially needed services to patients, their families and the community at large. This is seen through the high number of patient care days which amount to 12 000, with an average bed occupancy of 85% per year. Here counsellors give advice on HIV Counselling & Testing, Treatment Opportunities, Disease Management/Support and Prevention Education to 300 families and 900 individuals each year. With treatment from the Rehab Assistants under the guidance of volunteer Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, up to 48% of immobile patients start walking again. In addition, the number of patients well enough to return home has increased from 20% in 2005 to 58% in 2014 and continues to grow.

The Training Centre - To date, 104 students have passed the Home Based Care courses with 45 working, 5 of which have been employed by the Care Centre. In addition, 24 students have completed First Aid 1 & 2. Home Based Care is the most valuable training and additional courses have been added for 2015. They are amongst others: HIV/AIDS counselling, Occupational Health and Safety, Food Safety Training.

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