Private Edition 2022

HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION Your next dream holiday is closer than you think. With our easy online Reservations website and friendly Call Centre staff you’ll be able to book your next holiday before you can say “Ready, Set, Holiday!” Making an online reservation is quick, easy and secure. Most importantly, with real-time availability you can see exactly what the Call Centre Reservations Consultants would see, and you can make your reservation any time of the day. As an added bonus we have ‘web only specials’ that really make this method worth your while. As a Member you are automatically registered as a user on the website. All you have to do is log onto: using your Membership Number as your username. Some of the online features you have access to are: • Viewall resort information • Book Points reservations • Book rental reservations • Use advanced Points to book your holiday now • Cancel reservations • Add guest details to your reservations ONLINE RESERVATIONS Local HOW THE HOLIDAY CLUB WORKS 39 How To Make A Reservation | STEP 3 - CONFIRM Should you have any arrears on your membership account the reservation will go into a provisional status until all outstanding amounts are settled in full. You can either settle the arrears online or contact our Collections Department who will gladly assist you with the processing of the payment. NOTE: Now it’s time to confirm your reservation. Make sure that you have correctly selected the reservation that you require, and that youhave read and understood the applicable terms and conditions. STEP 1 - SEARCH Go online at and log in. Then go to the Availability page, select the dates and country, select the area/s you’d like to travel to and then select [GO] to search. Once the availability is retrieved, make use of the comprehensive filters to narrow your search by: [Sleeping Max i.e. number of people]; [Points value]; [Duration]; [Ideal For icons]; or [Resort Facilities] NOTE: You can currently only make reservations for countries listed on the website, namely South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. For all other international destinations, you can view the resort and unit information, but reservations can only be made through our Call Centre. STEP 2 - SELECT Filter through our resorts and select [View Availability] to choose the one best suited for you. Once you have found the resort and suitable unit size, insert the number of units you require next to [Quantity] and press [Select] and then press [Add to Basket] to place the item in your Holiday Basket. Here you can hold asmany possible options as you like and choose the perfect one before you make a booking. The Holiday Basket confirms how many Points the reservation will cost, and whether any additional fees are payable. Look out for “special information” notices on this page. REMINDER: Book online and save! NO ADDITIONAL BOOKING FEES