Private Edition 2022

TRAVELLING IN THE COMPANY OF THOSE WE LOVE IS HOME IN MOTION EDITOR’S NOTE INTRODUCTION 03 Editor’s Note | Wow – what a year it’s been! With the pandemic affecting so many people and businesses, I am very pleased to be able to say that we are surviving this topsy-turvy time and have been able to continue sending our members on holiday. We thank you for your continued support and understanding during the periods where travel was not permitted -- our resorts have been thrilled to welcome our members back since then. We want to take the mystery out of how our inventory works and have added a new article this year to explain all the ins and outs, including what inventory is, how we release it, how points are allocated, etc. Read more about this on page 41 . If you feel like you are still in the dark on some items please visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” portal, which we have put together for you so that you can have most of your queries addressed online at any time. Of course, you are also welcome to rather chat to us directly on any specific queries, so read the “How to Contact Us” section on page 33 to see all the different ways you can get in touch. All our communications and updates are always focused on you, themember, but we realise that inmany households it’s the kids that actually decide where the family goes on holiday. We have always kept this as a focus inmaking sure our resorts are family friendly and providing activities and facilities for all ages, but our latest offering is the most exciting one yet. We have been hard at work on a Max’s Kids Club App, which features various holiday related activities and challenges to keep the kids enthralled. We will be rolling the App out at selected Signature Collection Resorts early in 2022 - Read more about this on page 23 . We have also included some information on our Max Relax mascot in this same article, including details on how we are “Maxifying” our resorts. As a regular feature, we showcase our Top 100 Resorts in the resort directory section of this magazine to give you an overview of what is on offer at each property. You can view all the resorts per region from page 93 to 192 . This year, however, we have removed the points tables summary (read more about this in the Chairman’s Report on page 4) . In its place, we have added a QR code to scan to take you directly to each resort’s page on our website. Here you can view the current points required for all unit sizes, for your holiday as well as the most recent images and up-to-date resort information. In addition, we have also moved the Annual General Meeting notice and Financial Statements online. This is to ensure that the details remain current over the extended magazine timeline. This change also reduces the number of pages in the magazine, which means saving on printing costs. The detailed reports and notices are still available online for you to review at your leisure, so please see page 193 with details on how you can access this information. As always, we wish you many happy holiday memories and can’t wait to see you at our resorts soon. Happy Holidays