Private Edition 2022

OUR GO GREEN INITIATIVES At the Beekman Group, we choose to manage the “triple bottom line”. This means that we focus, not only on the financial risks, but also on the social and environmental risks that our business impacts. The Beekman Group’s Go Green initiative has always driven sustainable projects to ensure that our planet does not suffer and will stay resilient for future generations. Previous drives have been successful in introducing waste and pollution reduction. Our company has now taken a PRO-ACTIVE instead of a reactive approach. Although we are still dedicated to recycling every way we can, we have now made even more of an effort to reduce our paper usage by digitalising where we can. So far, this drive has been so successful we have reduced our paper waste by a few tonnes. Formore information on our GoGreen activities visit the GoGreen page under “Beekman Cares” on ABOUT THE HOLIDAY CLUB | Our Go Green Initiatives 22 We launched our Go Digital campaign in 2015, where we asked our Members to switch to a digital version of their Private Edition magazine. We promised to plant something green at our resorts for each switch. So far we have planted over 4000 plants in the last few years and our resorts’ gardens have grown even more lush, beautiful and green! Thank you to all Memberswho have helpedmake our gardens grow! Go Digital Drive It’s been a decade since we started our quest to be carbon neutral and our projects have included recycling efforts, with our recycling depots on each floor being sorted daily. Rain water harvesting at Head Office has been a successful project, where holding tanks of80000Lof rainwater feed thebathrooms (toilets andhandbasins). We haveputmany resources and environmentally sound practices in place, such as conserving electricity and collaborating with local vendors and suppliers, so that we can reduce our carbon footprint in our aim to be carbon neutral. Our Head Office is Green The Beekman Group prides itself on our sustainable tourism policy and we put emphasis on the ecological preservationofthefloraandfaunathat may be found within our properties. We protect the various wildlife species on our property and encourage our guests to enjoy them but not disturb them. The BeekmanGroup subscribes to the pillars of Responsible Tourism, which includes environmental integrity and maximising local economic benefits. Responsible Tourism We began the roll out of sustainability practices at our resorts in 2012 and since thenhave kept our promise of promoting a healthier environment. We are installing solar farms at Dikhololo, The Kingdom Resort, Hazyview Cabanas, Kiara Lodge and Cayley Lodge to power the majority of the resorts’ daytime usage. The project is expected to save 23, 000 sacks of coal a year and save the resorts 15% of their power bills. Dolphin View Cabanas’ solar farmhas already been installed and is operational. Ourblackwaterrecyclingplantdevelopmentisinprogressandwillsoonbeinlinewithminimumrequirements set down by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry’s special cleaning standards for irrigation. As our resorts are refurbished, we try to lessen our carbon footprint by installing • gas stoves and geysers • heat pumps • LED lights • solar panels (wherepossible). Additionallywe implement: Greywater systems to recycle laundrywater for garden use Bio products in our laundry and for cleaning our resorts Cellulose straws and cardboard takeaway boxes at our Food andBeverage outlets Use of local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprints of goods Our Resorts are Greener DIKHOLOLO in Brits was awarded the GREEN Award in 2019 for its grey water project.