Private Edition 2022

OUR SERVICE PHI LOSOPHY As a Member of The Holiday Club you can expect high quality service standards that showcase the essence of The Beekman WAY. Our Service Charter is centred on making sure that our Members have the most remarkable, memorable holiday experience every time. We call this The Beekman WAY. The Beekman WAY Charter encourages attitudes, values and thinking that direct how we do things at The Beekman Group. This governs how we treat our customers and each other. Our 2018 and 2019BeekmanWAY roadshowswere ahuge success, and staffhave embraced our Service Charter. ABOUT THE HOLIDAY CLUB 19 Our Service Philosophy| WOW OUR CUSTOMERS “ WOW , that experience exceeded my expectations ” We Promise to... Go out of our way to under promise and over deliver in every transaction with our Customers ... So that our Customers SAY YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE Have a great attitude every time we interact with our Customers That we made their day better We Promise to... ... So that our Customers FEEL ALWAYS EVOLVING Always find new ways to keep improving our Products and Services Truly value their holidays with us and keep coming back for more We Promise to... ... So that our Customers DO This is a declaration that we will choose to exhibit great attitudes in our jobs and interactions. This is a commitment to continue finding new ways to improve our products and services. This is a promise that we will go out of our way to under promise and over deliver in every interaction with our colleagues and customers. Every one of our staff members, from Head Office to resorts across South Africa and beyond, have pledged to commit to the Beekman WAY.